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Pumping & Aerial Apparatus D/O

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Flash Fire will help fire service personnel prepare for written examinations based on IFSTA Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook, 3rd Edition. This study guide app includes a test bank with over 1100 multiple-choice questions based on the IFSTA textbook. Each question is page-referenced to the text.Flash Fire allows you to take a comprehensive exam, study questions from a specific chapter of the book, or even build your own exam based on the chapters you wish to study. This exam prep app allows you to "favorite" questions you would like to review, and will even save all questions you answered incorrectly on any test so you can go back and look at them again.NOTE ON CALCULATIONS:The text contains complex hydraulics problems that for most us will require a calculator, pencil and paper to solve. For your convenience, these problems have been separated from the rest of the problems in the chapters. The mathematical rationale for these problems appears alongside the answer. The following chapters are organized in this way:- Chapter 6: Nozzles and Flow Rates (general info)- Chapter 6: Nozzle Calculations (calculation problems)- Chapter 7: Theoretical Pressure Calculations (general info)- Chapter 7: Pressure Calculation Problems (calculation problems)- Chapter 11: Static Water Supply (general info)- Chapter 11: Static Water Supply Calculations (calculation problems)
Problems requiring simple calculations or estimates are not in separate sections.
OTHER TOPICS:Ch 2 Skill Sheet 2-4 (Brake Tests), and Ch 7 Table 7.3 (Friction Loss Coefficients) both require rote memorization and appear in separate sections.
As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We'll update the app regularly based on user feedback: code3apps@yahoo.comStudy hard and stay safe out there!Note: Flash Fire is not directly associated with IFSTA, however our content is designed to aid those studying their Pumping and Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook 3rd Edition textbook.